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Suvaska is a combination of the Indian prefix “Su” which means good or auspicious, and “Vaska” which means a bag in Swedish. All our efforts are guided to ensure that each of our products lives up to this simple promise which is inherent in our name.

Suvaska is a Genuine Leather handbags brand, aimed at creating products that are fresh, practical and feminine. Our team strives to create bags that make you look and feel great. The products are in synch with global style trends and are handmade in India with the finest leathers and trims sourced from around the world and finished in house. Our products represent custom designed accents with a strong ethnic personality. Buy Ladies Leather Handbags Online in India, Our collections are juxtaposition between vintage and modern. They are designed for an Indian lifestyle but speak to a global vision.

Suvaska invites women to be themselves, to embrace their feminine side, to dream, to be decisive, to feel and enjoy every moment life has to offer. A Suvaska woman is not afraid to show the world who she really is and what is important to her. come here, check the collection of  Pure Leather Bags.

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