Women’s Leather Handbags | Buy Leather Handbags for Women in India
Women's Leather Handbags
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Women’s Leather Handbags | Buy Leather Handbags for Women in India

A Brief History of HandBags, Women’s Leather Handbags were originally invented for storage, which is essentially traveling with a bag to carry luggage or shopping. Today, bags are used for many different purposes. Originally, the bags had to be used for the convenient transportation of heavy goods from one place to another. Women’s bags have bold, expressive colors that men generally do not like pink. But the real selling point in the bag for women is that it works only with any other bag. The real origin of the handbag is a mystery as far as the historical document goes. But it can be safe to assume that they have grown directly from bulls. Buy Handmade Leather Bags Online in India only at our portal www.suvaska.com

Leather bags are always a favorite one of men and women and give a decent and elegant look to your personality. Women’s Leather Handbags have been a fashionable iconic prop for ages. These bags are handcrafted and the making process goes since age back.

Making Of Women’s Leather Handbags

Making leather handbags is an art that is followed by the care and precision to deliver the best quality of handbags. This process will start by extracting the animal hide and converting them into the piece of leather. This process will involve different steps like

  • Raw Material Collecting leather can be made from the skin of any animal including goat, sheep, pig, crocodiles.etc. Skin is removed from the animal’s body and placed into a salt brine. To stop decomposition we use salt brine.


  • Tanning this is the second stage of making leather in this hides is mixed with tanning solution into the tanning drum. This process will prove the texture and flexibility to the leather


  • Re-Tanning again tanning is done to provide the perfect texture and shine to the leather and this process is done along-with the vacuum dried or air dried process.


  • Dyeing the leather which is precessed will now converting into the Women’s Leather Handbags with the help of machines into different shapes and sizes.


  • Finishing this is the most important process as it involves the final finishing and branding on the bags. Wax polish or a spray is used to give the final touch to the most fascinating, most tempting and elegant Women’s Leather Handbags.


Types Of Leather Bags

there are different types of badges that go accordingly to the personality of the user which makes you look more elegant, vivacious. It like icing on a cake with a lovely finished and shining in your hand. Some different types are.

  • Beach Bag
  • Baguette Baguette
  • Barrel Bag
  • Bowling Bag
  • Bucket Bag
  • Clutch
  • Cosmetic Case Bag
  • Coin Purse
  • Feed Bag
  • Drawstring Bag
  • Duffel Bag
  • Envelop Bag
  • Half-room Bag
  • Kelly Bag

Do choose the bag according to your dressing. And be the “eye-catcher”

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